About Gulfcherith

Gulfcherith limited, registered in Nigeria is a stockist of pumps from top brands in the construction industry.
We stock and sell European brands such as; Purity pumps, Lowara Xylem, DAB etc.
We also sell and install pressed steel tanks, sectional pressed steel tanks, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) tanks.

Our clientele base cuts across industries such as construction, manufacturing and maritime.


Why Choose Us

With Apro its Bolt steel tank technical partner base in France with over 30years in designing, manufacturing and
installing metallic tanks and tanks worldwide, of up to 25,000m³ capacity. Whether they are intended for storage,
processing or treatment, Gulfcherith provides its customers with the widest range available of turnkey solutions for
all types of liquids: fire-fighting water, potable water, process water, urban and industrial effluents, hydrocarbons,
slurries, leachates, chemicals etc.

Unique Offering

Advantage of our Tanks

    • Competitive Price.
    • Long-lasting solution.
    • A high-quality product manufactured under strict control procedures.
    • Manufactured and coated in a factory controlled setting to guarantee the best quality.
    • Steel is a great structural material because of its strength and flexibility.
    • It is perfectly adapted to resist: Corrosion, Organisms growth etc.
    • Reduced transport costs.
    • Easy and quick to install.

The pressed steel tank is made of pre-fabricated steel sheets, bolted together on site . The tank walls are made of various coating/materials, such galvanized mild steel, aluminum, epoxy power coated steel, glass fused to steel.

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